The Portrait Experience

For the compassionate mother, who understands that life's tender moments with her precious little ones are forever fleeting.

What a precious gift a child is. The adorable innocence that accompanies every look from their tender eyes will soon become a thing of the past. I'm here to help you harness that moment; to freeze it in time. All too fast children grow into personalities of their own, but to you, they will always be your precious little baby. I am passionate about creating a heartfelt homage to the sweet family you have loved into existence.

I want you to know that I truly love what I do. Families I work with aren't simply my clients, but my friends. By connecting on a personal level, it allows me to truly tell your story. I have found over the years that it is impossible to do this without making sure that my clients are the perfect fit, so you can receive the product you're really desiring in your images.

I only take on a limited amount of portrait sessions per year, to ensure I'm able to focus on creating one of a kind art for each of my clients. I cannot wait to chat with you about capturing your life's beautiful journey! 


Beautifully capturing the next chapter of your family's story

I. The Consultation

Long before even your first session with us, we will start working to curate the perfect aesthetic for your session. This includes advice on hair and makeup, styling tips for your wardrobe, & location recommendations! We want to make sure that your session comes to life even more perfectly than you envision. All there is for you to do is relax, mama! We've got you.

I. Your Consultation

I focus on quality over quantity by taking on a very limited number of portrait sessions each year. With over 10 years in the industry under my belt, I've come to know the support & planning advice families need before their session. I'm here to offer location recommendations, outfit advice, & image inspiration before your session day arrives.

II. Your Session

On session days, I bring a lighthearted & calm spirit - it's my goal to capture your sweet family playing & connecting as if there's not even a camera in front of you. There's no need to worry about your outfit, makeup, or hair; everything is perfect. Why? Well, because the most beautiful thing is unfolding in front of my lens - the continuation of life. It's my mission to capture just that in the purest way possible.

III. Your Image Delivery

After your session, you'll receive a link to a beautiful digital gallery of your images. Technology is a great asset, but how often do we actually search through our hard drives to relive sweet memories? Printing your favorite digital files will serve as the final step to preserving these heirloom images for a lifetime. 

The Signature Process



"Elizabeth has been photographing our family for almost five years and I can’t begin to express how thankful I am for her photos. They have taken maternity, newborn, six month and 1 year photos for all three of our children as well as other family shoots in between. We love working with Elizabeth. She is so talented and creative and always captures the heart of our family. Elizabeth is the best of the best."

"I wouldn’t want anyone else capturing these special moments for our family."


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Our kids love photo session day with Miss Lily. She makes it so fun!

the bartlett family

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There's nothing more priceless than images of your growing family

It's SO simple! Contact me at the form below, and I'll send you over more information & how to start the booking process. Once you've decided to book, I'll send over the contract and invoice, & we can start planning away!

what are the next steps to get started?

The way you document these beautiful moments of motherhood will forever paint the picture you relive. It's my job to capture even the smallest of details in a way that can be cherished forever as soon as you gaze upon it again. Contact me below for pricing details.

what does the investment look like?

Great question! Typically, my portrait session image delivery time is 2-3 weeks, however it may vary depending on the time of year.

how long will it take to receive the images?

Absolutely! Being a mama myself, I understand all too well the fleeting nature of these precious moments. Feel free to contact my husband George at over at Fleur de Lis Films and he will be happy to help you!

do you offer videography for family sessions?

This is completely dependent on the look you're dreaming up for your session! I offer to either come to your home, capture your session in a park or outdoors, or meet you at the studio! I'm happy to help with recommendations once the planning begins.

where will my session take place?

I recommend that you are anywhere from 25-30 weeks pregnant, so you're not at the risk of missing your session due to going into labor!  Generally this gives us enough time to get your images delivered before baby gets here!

how far along should I be for my maternity session?

Frequently Asked Questions

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I would be honored to work with you! Simply click the button below, submit a portrait contact form, & I will be in touch shortly. 

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